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Consensys is hosting its first ever Ethereal Hackathon in partnership with UC Berkeley blockchain club! This is a one-of-a-kind experience that will not only expose attendees to the potential of Ethereum but also allow for in-depth exploration as self assembled teams partner with industry professionals providing mentorship throughout the competition.

The event will be two days long to allow teams to create substantial projects. Teams will focus on designing and building a blockchain-based governance system that takes advantage of Ethereum's unique platform of identity, voting and asset transfer systems.

Hackathon attendees are in the running to win various prizes, including a once in a lifetime opportunity to present their projects at Ethereal SF on October 27. Honored guests at Ethereal SF include; Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, Peter Diamandis, Bryan Johnson of OS Fund and Kernel, and numerous leaders in the Blockchain space.


Blockchains offer a tamper-resistant architecture for storing signed messages, making them useful for identity, voting, and asset transfer systems. Together, these services can be bundled to form governance systems, helping communities make decisions and take action using shared resources, all while keeping relevant information transparent to participants. Design a blockchain-based governance system that takes advantage of these affordances.

--------------------   SCHEDULE

October 21: Saturday
Venue: Wells Fargo Room @ Haas School of Business
(4th floor Haas)

8:30 am: Check-in, breakfast
9:30 am: Keynote by Amanda Gutterman, CMO of Consensys
10:00 am: Informational Session on Ethereum Blockchain 101
 - by Alessandro Voto, West Coast Regional Director at Consensys 
 - (non-developers + optional)
11:00 am: Technical Session on Ethereum Blockchain 102
 - by Mike Goldin and Dan Finlay 
 - (developers + optional)
12:00 pm: Lunch served
1:00 pm: Research / Hacking begins
5:00 pm: Dinner + move to Spieker Room
Overnight: Continue hacking

October 22: Sunday 
Venue: Spieker Room @ Haas School of Business
(6th floor of Chou Hall)

9:00 am: Breakfast
2:00 pm: Late lunch / early dinner
4:00 pm: Science Fair (judges choose a subset of teams to present)
5:00 pm: Judges/Mentors Deliberate
5:15 pm: Top 10 announced
5:30 pm: Top 10 give presentations
6:00pm: Judges/Mentors deliberate
6:15 pm: Winners announced

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Teams of up to 6. 


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Joseph Lubin

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Amanda Gutterman

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Spencer Montgomery

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Peter Diamandis
Singularity University

Judging Criteria

  • Ethereum
    Must be Ethereum related, in particular governance and have some working code.